Hello and Welcome!

     Hi y’all! I am Mia. Welcome to City Folk Home. Here you will find all things home design, decor and home organization. If there is anything that most people know about me, is the love I have for everything home! I have loved home design, decor, and organization since I was a young girl. I remember back when I was a little girl and Pottery Barn started to become big. My mom had requested their catalogs and I couldn’t wait to get their monthly magazines in the mail. I honestly don’t think I ever gave her the chance to even look through them. I would store them in my bedroom and I would just drool over all the pictures of the rooms. Even though I couldn’t afford to have a bedroom that was as beautiful as they were in Pottery Barn, I would sit and day dream of the day I could.

      I would stay up late during the summer months, when school was out, and I would re-design my bedroom and change the furniture around over and over again, until it was just right. I would beg my mom to change the colors or my walls and bedding and decor in my room, almost every year. I mean back when I was a teen, it was cool to have bright colorful walls, and that is just what I had. Once it was bright orange and yellow, the next time it was pink and light green. Yea, not exactly Pottery Barn style, but I took what I could get from my parents, allowing me to redecorate my own space.

     So that brings me to today. I am currently a stay at home mom of a sweet little boy. I also have a small business with my husband, Chris, called City Folk Home Decor. It is home decor pieces we hand make here at our home that have a rustic farmhouse feel to them. I have always wanted a business of my own, but didn’t think I would be in one with my husband, but I absolutely love it and love working with him. We have moved into our new house about a year ago. Even though we have made it our home, I of course want to make it with more our personalities. We have a lot of changes we want to make. The rooms need a good coat of paint, with individuality.

    That is where this blog is coming in. I wanted to document the spaces we work on as we work on them. To help others who might need ideas or inspiration for their own homes or spaces. With our home being my space to create and design, just like when I was a younger girl (but on a much larger scale), I can’t wait to take you all on this journey with me. It should be fun, inspiring, and entertaining (I’m sure). So come on and see what we get into in our household. 

See you in the next blog post!