Spring is here!

Photo by Irina Iriser on Pexels.com

Spring is here and we are so excited in this family! We can finally go out and enjoy the fresh warmer air. Granted this week has been a little up and down in our part of NC. For example it was snowing yesterday and today it is suppose to be near 70 degrees?!?! How is that even possible… only the weather man and God knows!

Lately we have been getting our back yard in order. We moved into this house a little over a year ago and last spring, when we moved in, we didn’t plant any grass because we thought the builder who built our home did. We were sadly mistaken. By the time we realized we didn’t have grass, it was too late, we ended up with a backyard full of cloves and all sorts of weeds. We decided to wait until Fall and when that rolled around, we were too late again, with the amount of rain we have gotten last fall, and our schedules, we couldn’t find the time to start the yard. But with that rainfall, came a big mess and we knew by this coming Spring we would have to make the time to plant some grass, so that we don’t become owners of a swamp instead of a backyard.

Our big mess of a yard last year (2018). Every time it rained, this is what we ended up with, a big ol’ swamp!

So here comes Spring and we decided lets go ahead and get the seed down and sow our yard. We read up on the process of growing your own grass. We went down to the local hardware store and purchased all the necessary items, got home and got to work.

All the hard work on the yard. Hopefully it will look more green in a few weeks!

We have two dogs, a Golden Doodle named Tucker and a Jack Russell named Lilly (who we lovingly call Girly), so we had to separate the yard with some kind of fencing. My husband had the great idea of separating it with the black fencing you see that goes around home builds to keep the debris and dirt from getting out from the property line. So we put that up first to divide our backyard.

The black fabric fence to separate our dogs from our newly planted grass and the non planted area of our yard.

Then we started to get our dirt, yea that is what it is…dirt, in order. We started by scuffing up the surface, and getting it all lifted and soft. We then put a very generous amount of top soil down to level out the surface. We didn’t want peaks and valleys, plus this, we thought, would help out with our swamp issue. We then put down lyme to help fertilize the soil. After that we planted the seed (or so we thought was seed).

Our overall backyard. The planted side vs. the non planted side.
One large bare spot in the grass that we do have toward the back of the yard.

Come to find out about 3 weeks later, we put down a lawn booster, not actual seed, so nothing grew. I was getting very confused by it all, because we did the processes of growing grass by the book, and nothing was sprouting. I then started to read more and more about different ways to plant different types of seeds. I went out to the garage were we still had the bag of “seed” and I realized it was more of a fertilizer then actual seed.

Closer look of the huge bare spot on the side we planted grass.

So this week was the yards 4th week of having this on it and nothing was happening. I decided to go back down to the hardware store and get a different brand of seed, that was actually fully just seed and nothing more. I did the whole process all over again and added a few little things with how the seed was put into the ground. I have learned that you have to mix the seed with the soil so that it has a place of moisture. The seed needs constant moisture for it to germinate (we also topped the seeds and soil mix with a little bit of hay, so that the rain that we do get doesn’t drain it into our neighbors yard and the birds won’t eat any). It has been only 3 days since the replanting of the seeds. We have had snow, so I doubt there has been any growth, but it is suppose to warm up today. Hopefully with the snow and warm weather coming later, the seeds will be happy and maybe and hopefully start their germinating process. I will have to keep you posted on this journey because as I am sure you all know, this will have to be in it’s own time. Just pray we have more rain (not torrential down pours) and warm sunshine coming our way, so we can have this process speed up a bit. Fingers crossed!

See you in the next blog post!